【Important】Graduation Defense Start to Apply (2020 Spring Semester)

Poster:Post date:2020-03-23

Please read the orientation PPT, video, timetable and operation manual before apply.

*Apply date: 2020 March 23th –April 17th 5:00 pm

*Who need to apply: Whom expect to graduate this semester (Please have the permission from your advisor)

* Before apply graduation defense, students need to finish works below: (1)Finish graduation credit and thresholds (2)Ph.D. students finish qualifying exam (3)Select “Thesis/Dissertation” course (4)Finish/Select ” Research Ethics”

* How to applylog in “Academic System” →click “Graduation Defense”→ “Apply Graduation Defense”→ “Add”

 *Please click the link to watch the Orientation Video

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